Current Version: v0.5.3

the current update that is being worked on will be called v0.6 and will include:

  • Fixing the Nether generation to actually generate ores in the nether **completed**
  • Adding the ability to change how ores generate with a properties file **completed**
  • Rewriting the code for the blocks so that they use FAR fewer block ids, allowing for increased compatibility ***PLEASE NOTE: this looks like it may kill worlds that used previous versions of the mod, Nicaetinismo is attempting to make it so that new ores in old worlds can be converted into the latest format***
  • Adding ToolUtils to increase compatibility and add appropriate mining speeds and harvesting requirements
  • Two new ores: Platinum and Quartz (only for decoration in this version)
  • Emerald Tools (comparable, but not equal to, diamond tools)
  • Infinite rubies bugfix
  • Other random bugfixes where needed


  • Added Lava-pickaxes which give the user a 50% chance of harvesting a smelted ore instead of the block
  • Organized the download better
  • Provided the first alternate texture pack and alternate textures for the gem ores in the download
  • Added the ability to craft 9 gems out of a gem block (although this created the infinite ruby bug)
  • Added the ability to use lavastone as a fuel (quality between coal and lava)
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed a bug where, on rare occasions, the volatile matter block would spawn hundreds of creepers
  • Fixed a bug that made nan-diamonds drop half of a wooden door instead of nano-diamonds
  • Fixed the bug that made almost all the ores drop random items
  • Fixed textures


  • Fixed bug that kept ores from being generated in the world
  • Fixed most of the textures
  • Other bugfixes


  • updated to Minecraft Beta 1.3/1.3_01
  • new thread
  • added many new ores and items


  • all on old thread, mostly adding in ores as they were coded, adding a few items