Please, at least, look over the suggestions before you post, to see if what you suggested has already been suggested, any duplicate suggestions will be deleted, so that only one of said suggestion remains (will be the better worded one). Also, please look over the planned/future updates page and see if I've already decided to work on something, so that you don't suggest something that I'm already working on.Edit

If you have multiple ideas, please separate them into one bullet per idea

  • lava pick axes would be that it also has a chance to drop ores that are in vanilla minecraft.
  • lava shovels, get glass from sand and clay bricks from clay.
  • Lava pickaxes should also drop smoothstone when mining smooth/cobble stone.
  • Lava axes: Chop down a tree, get charcoal. And cactus green from cactus, maybe?
  • Putting lavastone on the end of a fishing rod will catch cooked fish.
  • Diamond crowns could make you invisible to hostile mobs, so they won't attack you.
  • Add an ore that will drop a random ore block from More Ores mod (like the More Ores version of Randomite)
  • Ac Ore-an ore that blows cool air at people.When mined,it drops itself.Smelting it in a furnace gives you Ac Ingots.9 Ac Ingots can be crafted into Ac.Ac Blocks have the same properties as Ac Ore, and vise versa.Ac Ingots can be crafted into Ac Armor.Ac can blow out fire.Ac Ore looks like stone with white specks.Ac blocks are white.Ac ingots are also white.Ac stands for Air Conditioner
  • Real World Mineral Magnetite should be added