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Almost every block in More Ores seeks to present a real-world ore or mineral to be found in Minecraft, therby enriching the mining experience, as opposed to drearily spending days in purely smoothstone caves, with the occasional glimmer of a block of iron. With this mod, every cave is filled with new light (somethimes literally, in the case of lava-stone), as more and more ores appear, bringing freshness and excitement at every turn. All the new blocks can be grouped into three general groups:
  • Ores
  • Gems
  • Gem-blocks

The groups themselves are self-explanatory, and starting with v0.6.1, users will be able to choose if they want all the blocks to spawn (not gem-blocks, of course), just ores to spawn (along with nano-diamond), or just gems to spawn (along with titanium and uranium).

For more information on a particular block, please see the page for the block you want to find out more about, the page will include pictures and properties of the real-world ore or gem, along with what the block currently does; hopefully the information on each block's page will allow for more realistic suggestions and uses.

Amethyst Aquamarine Cinnabar Citrine Copper Emerald Fake-emerald Graphite Grass-stone
Jade Lava-stone Nano-diamond N-emerald N-gold Netherite Onyx Pierre Pyrite
Ruby Sapphire Scarlet-emerald Silver Tin Titanium Uranium Vol-matter Future/planned